Very fresh perfume reflecting an excursion in the heart of a green jungle. A mixing blend of fresh cut grass with a touch of citrus freshness and woody intensity.


Spicy       **
Floral       **
Herbal       ****

Handmade & Exclusive
Come home, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy our exclusive perfumes

ONNO Collection - High-quality handmade perfumed candles and diffusers

Made in Belgium to the highest standards, our innovative candles tell a story of exotic lands and faraway places. Each candle drawing is born from an exceptional beautiful nature creation. Often basic yet so precious. Our exclusive candles are carefully packed into luxury black gift boxes to indulge yourself in or as a gift for your dearest.

Each perfume is created by our designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has an inborn passion for scents. With over 25 years of experience in developing perfumes, she is a true 'nose' who uses only the finest high-quality raw materials for which ONNO Collection is praised worldwide.

Immerse yourself in new territories thanks to the subtle Escape perfume from the ONNO Collection. This is a real lush jungle, sublimated in an ONNO Collection designed and handmade glass. This invigorating perfume brings you in a wild blend of green freshness and woody intensity, with a floral musky heart jungle.

The Escape candles and diffusers will take you to the middle of nowhere for a wild and captivating atmosphere. Enjoy this wild excursion and take the chance to discover this exotic and incredible fragrance enhanced by the feeling of living an unforgettable experience.

We use special pure mineral wax and fine cotton Egyptian wicks. They are delivered in a luxury black gift box. An ONNO Collection candle is ideal to pamper yourself or these high-quality candles are also the ideal gift. Every interior will upgrade and the fragrance is amazing. ONNO Collection diffusers are ideal to perfume your home at all times even when you are not at home.

Slight impurities may appear as part of the character of the product.